Dyson falls to the Whites


Regardless of whether you know him from time spent fishing the Cartha complex, or whether you have seen him in one of his many film escapades, or even the monthly angling press, there is no denying that our very own Jerry Hammond is one of the finest anglers the UK has to offer. Although a complete angler in every way Jerry’s main objective is to target the largest carp across the country. Large carp are big for a reason – they know what is good for them. This is why a high quality, long term, food bait has always played a part in Jerry’s angling.

Jerry is a huge fan of our Nutz range and we have lost count of the number of 30’s and 40’s this blockbuster bait has produced for him over the years. We are delighted to be able to say that not only is he our head consultant but he is also now a director within the firm and we are sure that with Jerry’s considerable knowledge and experience on board, the future looks extremely bright for all involved.