Mike lee 36lb on Wicked White pop ups

Mike Lee (Product Development Team Manager)

Mike joined MAD Baits earlier this year and has been blown away by the quality of the products and ingredients available – so much so that he has recently taken up the role as Product Development Team Manager, which is very fitting due to his initial involvement in our new test bait, the CTS. With an extensive background in the food industry, who better to perform this task? Mike will be actively managing his team to use and test new MAD Baits products before release, a new concept we are all extremely excited about! That will allow us to monitor and tweak those little edges before the baits go on general sale to the angling world.

Team management is a new role for Mike with us but catching large carp certainly isn’t, as Mike has a long line of big fish to his name to over 45lb in the UK. On his first ever trip using the CTS he managed to bank a fish that had been previously uncaught for 5 Years so you can see why he’s happy to be at MAD and we are more than happy to have him onboard!



Steve Dimmer (Junior Team Leader)

Steve Dimmer is someone you may not be so familiar with, but that doesn’t make his role within the company any less important. Steve works extremely hard, giving up hours of his time to manage and run the MAD Baits Junior Team.
From running competitions, to dealing with orders and questions, Steve really is the father of the brand. With the cost of the sport on the increase and good waters becoming less accessible, it’s becoming harder for the younger generation to break into the sport, so here at MAD Baits we take great pride in our Junior Team. Today’s juniors are tomorrow’s adult promotional team and we are very proud of both Steve and his team.



Lee Paul (Photography and Media support)

Linking good photography with his passion for angling makes Lee an ideal photographer for the team. Already part of the MAD family, we have continued our usual method of promoting from within. Lee has been with us for over 2 years now and during that time has excelled within our promo team, often leading the way with his images and product shots. When we decided to improve the company’s media coverage it was only natural that Lee should take up the role.



Nigel Sealey (Technical Engineer)

A company can only be as good as the products they make and in the same way, they can only produce what the machinery and technology enables them to. Over the years we have tried, tested and modified several machines before finally settling on an efficient and productive system. None of this would have been possible without the man who maintains and runs this highly inventive technology for us and that man is Nigel Sealey. He’s a mechanical genius and no job is too small, manufacturing hand-made parts that work first time of asking. At any time day or night, Nigel is on hand to keep things running smoothly, making sure that the wheel keeps on turning and the products get despatched. A true rock behind the scenes and an invaluable member of the MAD Baits family.


Matt Daly (Head Of Videography & Media)

Many of you will know Matt as the Head of the up and coming interactive photography brand known as Rhino-Tech but very few of you will be aware of his incredible videography and video editing skills. Matt came on board as Head Of Videography & Media with the simple aim of taking the MAD Baits brand to the next level. We are sure that if anyone has seen Matt’s recent work will agree he is well on his way of achieving his goal.