Paul Heseltine

22 Jul

I had this lovely 29lb 2oz mirror from monk’s pit on my last session. It was quite a frustrating session to say the least I fished a swim called end of reeds and at this moment in time it’s the worse swim on the lake for weed growth however that said the fish really like this area of the Lake.

I was using my usual tactics baiting heavy to clear spots in the weed with a snowman presentation. My bait of choice was CTS and Wicked Whites this been topped off with small 25mm mesh sticks mostly for anti-tangle purposes and to ensure I’m not clipping the weed on the way down. Over the 48hrs I was there I managed 3 bites in total but only managing to land one. Still happy with the results as the lake is not fishing upto it’s usual standard as the fish have not long spawned and are just resting up or so I think anyway.