Junior Team Member Peter Savory

22 Jul

What can i say? After 6 previous blanks on this water, due to swim availability mostly.. i finally managed to get amongst some fish on one of my target waters.

Whilst setting up it was clear that there were fish in the area, so i began by flicking out singles towards the main three areas they were showing.

After 5 hours or so without any action but fish still evident – i catapulted a handful of Wicked Whites and The Nutz over each rod. Within five minutes of doing so the rod presented to a snag pulled up tight and i struck into a decent seeming fish, only for the hook to pull. Distraught, i threw my rod down.. only for my right hand rod to scream off! but again, the fish was lost. Throughout the night it became clear the fish werent actively feeding as much as they were, and after losing two fish to hookpulls i decided to lengthen my rigs and up my lead size, put in a bit more bait and encourage a bite.

Finally, after a very frustrating night of getting ‘done’ (judging by the bobbin movements) – my snag rod pulled up tight yet again and i was into another fish – this time landing a pretty low-double stockie. The Wicked Whites and Nutz combo doing the business as per usual, with the takes coming on Wicked White pop ups and a Wicked Whites/Pretty Boy pop up snowman presentation.