Junior Team Member Filip Dunaj

22 Jul

I arrived at my local club lake, North House on the Luton Angling Club ticket around midday. First thing I did was look for the carp. You could see them cruising around all over the 4 acre lake so I decided to put some spod mix in the margins in a few different swims along with a few Mad baits pure fish boilies. After prebaiting a few swims I continued to look around and in one of my prebaited swims most of the bait was gone and even saw a carp feeding on it. Quickly and quietly I put a bit more bait in and went back to the car to grab a rod, landing net and an unhooking mat. I gently lowered a stiff hinged rig with a wicked white pop up amongst the spod mix and after about 5 minutes a small dark common took it.

As it got darker the fish seemed to move more into the corner of the lake in a swim called snags which I then moved to and set up for the night. On the right hand side in the margins was an overhanging tree where I placed a stiff hinged rig with a wicked white pop up. The second rod with a 360 rig with a The Nutz pop up was casted just past the overhanging tree in a slightly more weedy bit where I’ve seen the fish cruising around earlier. I put out a few handfuls of the spod mix and the pure fish boilies on each rod and settled in for the night. It was a silent night but at 6:40am the rod tore off which resulted in another nice little dark common. Immediately after I casted the rod back out the second rod screamed off and resulted in a stunning old linear. It wasn’t massive but you can’t complain when they look like that.