Junior Team Member Filip Dunaj

13 Jul

I turned up to the lake and looked for signs of fish. I found them so I decided to set up in the swim closest to them.

I knew the spots for that swim and had them saved on my phone so didn’t need all the fuss with getting the marker out. I clipped up the rods and the spomb to the spots. I fished a MAD Baits ‘Pandemic Pop-Up’ on a stiff hinge rig over a few spombs of Just Particle’s spod mix and MAD Baits, Pure Fish and Pandemic boilies.

The other rod was a snowman of Pure Fish and Wicked whites on the D rig fished over the same bait as the first rod. Just as it was getting dark the left hand rod ripped off unexpectedly and I could tell it was a decent fish. It ended up being a nice 21lb 8oz Mirror.

That already made my night. I then put another few spombs of bait on that rod and settled in for the night. At 4am I got woken up by an angry Common which was a nice mid double which made the night even better. #PureMadness