Consultant Jay Goodson

10 Jul

A Cottswold original after a long break from fishing due to a massive work load!

I managed to get my first night out in 3 months and dropped onto a local lake for the night just to try and get myself back into the swing of things.

I found a few fish out at range and managed to find a nice spot, amongst the heavy Canadian pond weed. With 3 rods out on the same spot I was fishing! The ever faithful Wicked White Pop-Ups were on all 3 and I was happy.

Just before dark I put out 20 spombs over the area with a mix of Hemp and 16mm Twisted Nutz Boilies. At 4.30 I was away, my first night back out and I managed one of the originals at a well spawned out weight of 32lb 4oz. I did manage a couple more fish before it was time to go but only a couple of the small stockies!