Robert Houliston

19 May

Fishing in a small clear patch amongst dense weed. I’ve Been pre baiting the spot for weeks with mixed particle and only put 1 kilo of TB2 in on Thursday.

I Turned up Friday night a flicked out two rods using matching pop ups. First fish screamed off at 5:30am and after a long battle in the weed she slipped into the net. While she laid in the net I repositioned the rod.
After getting the Matt, sling and scales sorted she went 27lb 12. A mint fish. After a few pics I sent her back on her way to fight another day. At around 6:30 the same rod ripped off and after a short scrappy fight I slipped the net under a smaller common but again a mint fish. She went 18lb 8 and after a few stills she went back safely. Couldn’t be happier with my result and very pleased with the bait.