Jim Gillett

19 May

Quick overnighter on my syndicate lake recently, and first real test of the TB2.

A few laps of the lake and no signs of anything, apart from a ‘maybe’ show on the end of a Northerly. Head tells me it was probably a Grebe, but the gut tells me to drop in there.

One rod dispatched to the far margin as tight as possible under the overhanging trees on a simple TB2 pop-up, fished locked-up and tighter than my mates wallet. The other two rods were sent out into open water at range to a smoother spot within the weed, on matching rigs to the first. Around 20 small spods of whole and chopped TB2, mixed with some small pellet, went out into the wind (most of which made it on target…).

Once the rods were out, the stove was on, and no sooner had my pan hit the flames, the margin rod was away with what turned out to be a young scaly double. A lovely fish, but wiping out all rods right on dinner time? Poor show.

04:30 the next morning and one of the open water rods was away, and, after a hell of a scrap, a fish named ‘apple slice’ was in the net. She went 23:02lb on the scales. The TB2 had proven its worth first time of asking.